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5 Steps to an Amazing Baby Shower

Preparing for a new baby’s arrival is one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences for parents, family members, and friends alike! Unfortunately, that excitement can quickly transform into a state of stress and leave us confused about what steps to take, what we should be buying, and how to get it all done before the baby makes its entrance. There is no better example of this than the ever daunting planning of a baby shower. Whether you’re a new Mom planning her own celebration or a friend that’s been tasked with pulling off the big day, don’t panic just yet! There are a few crucial steps you can take to guarantee that your next baby shower goes off without a hitch. 

1. Create a Budget

Before you start thinking of cutesy theme ideas and saving Pinterest posts with silly games and adorable decor, you NEED to set your budget. No matter who is footing the bill for this celebration, it’s essential to have a realistic expectation of how much money can be spent before any real planning starts. Even seemingly small touches like gift bags, party favors, and candy bottles can quickly add up. No budget is too small to pull off a beautiful shower, and having a clear picture of what you can spend ahead of time will help you prioritize the party’s needs vs. wants.  

2. Set the Date...and Location.

Next, you’ll need to settle on a date that works for the expecting mama and any family members you know will want to attend. If you have a good idea of what time of day or part of the week will work best for your party, you can start looking at potential locations that will meet your needs. Some venues will vary in pricing depending on what day of the week you’re booking a reservation for, and having this determined ahead of time will help you lock in a location that works for everyone. 

3. Theme Time!

Now, the real fun starts! There’s a chance that Mom-to-be has already given some thought as to the theme she wants. Some theme ideas might be simple and elegant, while others could be more quirky and involve greater details. The beauty of having a budget, date, and location already in place is that you will already know what you have to work with when it comes time to pick a theme. Instead of plowing forward with a grand scheme and running out of the time and resources to pull it off, focus on laying the foundation for your party first and building a great theme around it.

4. Break Up the Duties

The final weeks and days leading up to a baby shower can be extremely stressful if you’re the one in charge. To make sure that everything on your list gets done, start assigning some duties to other people who can help take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Whether it’s confirming with the caterer, putting table decorations together, or making sure that there’s plenty of toilet paper to wrap around Mom’s tummy, every little task matters when it comes to pulling off a successful shower. Create your own team of helpers to make sure that no shower stone is left unturned.

5. Scheduling the Day

Any good party mostly consists of people getting together and having a great time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a set schedule for events on the day of. Even having a loose itinerary will help you keep the party flowing and ensure that every game, gift, and toast will have its time and place. This is even more important if you’re using a venue that requires you to be out by a specific time. Having a pre-planned schedule will help keep you from rushing your guests out the door when the time is up. 

P.S. Don’t Forget to Have fun!

Creating a step-by-step plan for your next baby shower isn’t just about making sure the day goes flawlessly, it’s about having fun! Often, we become so overwhelmed with every single tiny detail that we lose our ability to sit back and enjoy this moment. If you’ve planned accordingly and taken the time to make preparations, you can spend more of this day living in the moment and soaking up all of the joy that a baby shower is really about.