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Decorate the Room With Creative Wall Decor Blocks

Usually, there are no words to describe the sheer joy we feel when putting together the baby nursery. We all know that it is far more than just a place for the baby to sleep: it is also the uniquely constructed, loving environment we want to surround our child with for the first years of their life. With that in mind, there’s a LOT of thought that goes into the nursery, from safe bedding, gentle fabrics, and the best baby furniture. Regardless, once functionality is out of the way, there is plenty of room to think about decoration, which is where the real fun begins! Not only can decorations make us feel warm and fuzzy every time we step into the nursery, but they can also be beneficial to baby brain development—it’s more than just being cute! 

Still, we all love some cuteness, and with that, here are four recommended decorations from Ready Baby that will be easy on both the eyes and your budget. Our wall decor blocks are eco-friendly, made with reclaimed wood, and covered in salvaged book paper, and these nine beautiful and original designs by artist Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes will perfectly fit with any nursery theme. 

Daytime Flight 

This wall decor block is for those who want to add a touch of playful whimsy to their baby nursery. The lively design, featuring a colorful kite flying over some equally vividly colored buildings, feels straight out of a fairy tale, and the stark azure sky, pillowy clouds, and pale moon complement the overall cheerful theme while also being incredibly soothing to look at. 

Capture the Moon

Mystical and mysterious, this art block is for those who feel a little bit more in touch with nature. The richly-colored tree and low-hanging moon in this design give off a peaceful, otherworldly feel, and the loving message written at the top will remind everyone who looks at it of the unwavering devotion we often feel towards our children.

Before We Met

Overflowing with clouds, hearts, and muted pastels, this calming design is packed with sentimental love. The message written across the art block says so much for a few words, summarizing the completeness we feel in our lives with our children in a very poetic way. Great for cooler-toned nurseries, such as those with grey, pale blue, or light green walls.

Flying the Stars

By nature, clouds and hot air balloons have always felt whimsical. Floating among striking stars, the hot air balloons of this piece feel almost inspiring to look at, which could add a lofty, ambitious vibe to your nursery theme. While similar to the previous design, this art block is perfect for those who want the same feeling but prefer decorations without quotes written on them. 

Ferris Wheel

Who doesn’t love carnivals? While ferris wheel designs are very common in art, photography, and decoration, there’s a reason the image doesn’t get old. Reminiscent of summer, birthdays, family trips, and fond memories, this art block is for those constantly chasing nostalgia, and want their baby to experience this familiar, fun feeling too. 

Peaceful Wing

Featuring a butterfly dragging a crescent moon behind itself, the message written on this art block reflects the hearts of the romantic dreamers it was made for. Effort is inspiring, and if you pick this peace, you may find yourself rooting for the butterfly, and its strength can lend a good message for your child to grow up under. The rustic look over the whole design can also be appealing to vintage lovers. 

Rain Boots

Nothing screams “fun childhood memories” quite like the nostalgic look of rubber rain boots. This design not only features cute children’s rain boots but the message being written in scrabble tiles fully pulls together a “close to home” energy to the art block, reminding us of the comforting safety of home and the closeness we feel to our families. 


Talk about magical! If you’ve always loved storybooks and their beautiful pages, this art block is the one for you, with a brilliantly purple design full of whimsy and glitter, and a fairytale-like sailboat straight out of a dream. Keep this design in mind if you decide you want to bring some fantasy to your child’s nursery.

ABCD for Boys & Girls

You can’t ever get more classic than with this design. While decorations centered on the alphabet may seem a bit dated, this art block refreshes the look with a perfectly modern take on the trend, with a version for both boys and girls. You can’t go wrong with this, and what can be more beneficial to your baby than a decoration that is also educational?