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Perfect Maternity Dresses for Photoshoots and Your Shower

One of the things moms-to-be most look forward to is being able to document this special time in their lives with a professional photoshoot. But one of the tricky things is to find the perfect maternity photoshoot dress. Most women will book a photographer around the time they have their baby shower when they’re between 28 and 32 weeks pregnant - because that’s the sweet spot where you’re showing enough, have that pregnancy glow, and doing a photoshoot isn’t too uncomfortable.

Once you’ve scheduled your photoshoot or know when your baby shower is, it’s time for you to find a maternity dress for those occasions. When choosing a dress, keep in mind the season and the location. If you’re having a winter photoshoot or baby shower, you obviously shouldn’t be searching for something sleeveless and “summery.”

Pay close attention to the style and fit of the dress. If you want to emphasize your shape and your bump, opt for figure-hugging silhouettes and clingy fabrics. Ruching or embellishments around the belly can draw the eye directly to your bump in your photos if you’re not showing as much just yet. You could even go all out with an open-front or sheer gown for your maternity photoshoot dress! 

Whatever maternity dresses you choose, whether glamorous or understated, it should make you feel like the beautiful mom-to-be you are.

Try a Maxi Dress

We’ve found that a maxi dress that’s floor or knee-length is incredibly flattering on someone pregnant. Even when you’re not pregnant, Maxi dresses can help smooth out areas that you think are troublesome but can focus on your bump when you are pregnant. We recommend finding a maxi dress that is textured or pairing it with a chunky necklace.

Fitted vs. Flowy

By wearing a tight-fitting dress for your maternity photoshoot can show off all of your new curves. However, if you feel uncomfortable with that, you can always opt for a flowy dress because it can feel less revealing. You can try taking photos in one of each style because they both make for stunning images.

Mix Up Your Outfits

Have a little fun and mix up your outfits! Bring one dressy outfit and one casual outfit to your maternity photo shoot. This can give you options to display in your home and provide you with some variety in the photos. This can also be helpful if, after being photographed, you realized that one of your choices isn’t as flattering as you initially thought. Be sure to let your photographer know ahead of time that you plan on doing an outfit change.

Don’t Limit Yourself to a Dress

If you’re going the route of having multiple outfits, instead of bringing along two dresses, bring a tight-fitted, long sweater for one of your outfit options.

Solids are Best

Like with any photoshoot, you should avoid busy prints because they can detract from your beautiful body. Solids work best, and for a bit of variety, you can try out different jewelry or add a belt.

Avoid Strong Colors

Intense colors like neon can be distracting to the eye. Sticking with neutral colors like white, black, or pastels can make you feel ethereal - especially if you’ve chosen to have a lacy, bohemian dress!

Keep It Timeless

The last thing you want to do when looking back at your maternity photos is to say, “What was I thinking?!” because someone you wore then is now out of style. That’s why we recommend wearing something simple, flowing, and sticking to neutral or pastel colors. These will never go out of style and can 

Textured Clothing

You can add a little more dimension to your photos by wearing something that has a bit of texture to it, making your photos look amazing. Chunky, knit sweaters with jeans, embroidered tops, or lace dresses all create more texture in the clothes, creating more interest and make your photos look more beautiful. Textured clothing is an excellent alternative to a pattern or print.

Consider the Season

When dressing for your maternity photoshoot, consider the season that you’ll be photographed in. For springtime, choose soft or pastel colors. You can wear light blue and white in winter to mimic the crisp, chilliness of the air. Add a sunhat in the summertime. Find a flattering scarf or cardigan for the fall. Depending on the weather, you can have your photo shoot outdoors in a field or on a beach.

Avoid Being ‘Matchy-Matchy’

If you’re choosing to have your partner in your photos, coordinating your outfits is excellent - but matching exactly, not so much. Looking at complimentary colors and selecting your outfits based on colors that complement each other can help keep your attention and your bump. If you had an engagement photoshoot, think of what you wore then. When you go to coordinate your clothing, lay it all out on the bed, first. Think of it as selecting one outfit. You want the tones and colors to go well together, without conflicting patterns. Don’t be afraid to add a couple of accessories to keep it interesting!

Belt It

One way to accentuate your growing baby bump is to add a simple and cute skinny belt. Even when you’re not pregnant, Belts can help define your waistline, and regardless of if you choose a shirt or dress, fitted or flowy, they can enhance your overall outfit.

Keep It Unique to You

Not all bodies are created equal, especially pregnant ones. Choose a dress or outfit that accentuates you and your bump, not just what you see on Pinterest.

You should always keep in mind for your maternity photoshoot to try to invest in a quality photographer if you’re able to. Just like your engagement and wedding photos, think of these as an investment for something that may only happen once in your life. 

Don’t be afraid to showcase you and your ideas in the photoshoot. Whatever you decide to wear, whether it be a flowing dress, a bikini, or naked in a milk bath - these photos should define who you are as a soon-to-be mom and make you feel proud when you look back on them.