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It’s Bath Time! 5 Handpicked Necessities for Bath Time With Your Baby

Is there anything better than a freshly washed baby? Considering just how messy babies can get in their day-to-day lives, you might wind up bathing your baby far more often than you expect. Just remember that bath time isn’t just a functional period where your baby gets clean—it’s also a necessary bonding time for you two! Since you’ll find yourself in the bathroom with your baby so frequently, why not optimize your time with these five bath time essentials? This is under the assumption that you already have the obvious necessities like a baby tub and washcloths. While it’s definitely crucial to be as prepared as possible, you also want everything to be as comfortable as possible to make the experience better for everyone involved. Take a look at this list—your baby will thank you for it!


 1. Baby Bath Sponge Pad

Baby bathtubs have come a long way in recent years; still, they can only be so comfortable. For that reason, baby bath sponge pads are the answer to snug and secure bathing for your child. The contoured cushion is designed to support your baby’s head, neck, and back while providing easy access for you to reach them during the bath. They’re also beneficial in their slip resistance—we all know just how slippery babies can be—as well as their way of providing elevation for your baby’s safety (you still shouldn’t leave their side, however.) Lastly, these sponge pads can be found in various cute colors and even animal shapes to compliment your baby bathtub colors or make you smile.


 2. Bath Rinser 

It’s everyone’s goal to keep baby bathtime as gentle and soothing as possible, and no baby wants to be splashed in the face with showerhead water! A bath rinser is key to keeping soapy water out of your baby’s eyes while you tenderly rinse their hair and body. It also gives you complete control over the water level and temperature since there’s no need to turn the faucet back on. Much like the baby bath sponge pad, bath rinsers also come in many different colors and cute shapes, making them fun to use as well as a great repurposed toy for older kids. 


3.Hooded Towel

You should always have a clean towel ready to go for your baby when they’re done in the bath. Why not include one that will also keep their head, neck, and ears warm? Hooded towels make post bath time a breeze since you can wrap your baby in one as you lift them out of the tub. That way, they don’t have to feel chilly at all as you dry them, which is a great comfort to think about. Continuing this list’s theme, hooded towels can also be adorable with the right design: why not spice things up with animal ear hooded towels? 


4.Baby Lotion

Following towel-drying, people can forget about a lot of after-bath care. You should clean the water out of your baby’s ears (use a baby ear swab once a month), but besides essential grooming, did you know that your little one’s skin can dry out remarkably fast? It’s critical to keep some cooling baby lotion on hand to maintain moisture for your baby’s soft skin; otherwise, they can feel uncomfortable and itchy after you dress them. Make sure to take skin sensitivity into account when buying your lotion, as many different babies can react to different types of ingredients! A brighter note on this point is that lotioning up also helps your baby feel more secure and closer to you. 


5.Kneel Pad

It would be best if you had this more than you think. Unlike for your baby’s comfort, this one is for you! Admit it: bath time is so fun and memorable that you would hate to cut it short because of knee pain. The hard tile of bathroom floors just isn’t good for your body and can leave you sore for days. Kneel pads not only provide a soft cushion to save your knees, but they’ll make sure the frequent baths never feel like a chore. Nowadays, many kneel pad kits come with elbow rests as well to eliminate all discomfort that comes with bath time. Just as you work so hard to keep your baby happy, remember they want you to be satisfied, too!