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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you ship to?

We currently ship anywhere in North America!


How long does it take after ordering to receive my order?

Standard shipping will arrive in 3-5 Days upon placing your order. Upgraded shipping to Priority Mail will arrive in 2-3 Days. International shipments placed outside of the US will arrive in 5-15 Days.

Care & Quality Control

How should I wash my baby clothing or toddler clothing items?

We always recommend hand-washing or running a delicate cycle to wash any of your little one’s clothes.

What material are yourbaby clothes and toddler clothesmade from?

Ready Baby’s garments are made from a wide variety of materials from polyester to cotton to nylon.

How is the quality of your baby clothes and toddler clothes?

You can rest assured that what you ordered will come un-damaged and as-advertised. We will work with you one-on-one to resolve any unforeseen issues that might arise.


Products & Manufacturing

Where do your baby clothes and toddler clothes come from?

Our clothes are manufactured in multiple countries from the US to India to China just as almost every other big-box baby clothing brand seen in major retail department stores do. What sets us apart is that we have selected only a handful of these vendors to work with and have developed a personal relationship with each ensuring quality and originality.



Do you have a brick & mortar store?

At the moment we are only an online retail company. The address listed is used for online order fulfillment.


Featured Babies & Brand Reps

How do I get my baby featured on the Ready Baby Instagram?

Ready Baby selects randomly from babies who have purchased items from our store and tagged @readybabyboutique in well-lit, high-quality photos which feature the purchased items from the Ready Baby website (Note* - items must be in-stock in high quantities). We verify purchases before posting and may request the photos through email to prevent loss of quality.


How do I become a brand rep for Ready Baby?

Ready Baby only selects brand reps who are true fans of the company, having promoted the brand in a wholistic way through various social media channels including Facebook & Instagram. Brand reps have demonstrated their ability to promote Ready Baby's clothing in well-lit, high-quality photos that are consistent with the brand theme. The brand theme rotates on a seasonal schedule and can be found throughout all marketing collateral. To be eligible, customers must tag Ready Baby in both the photo &caption of their post on the Instagram and/or Facebook social media channels.